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ihavettk's Journal

Kon-El/Superboy/Conner Kent
11 June
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-He is hot.
-He has tactile telekinesis and will tell you all about it.
-He likes sex.
-He identifies as mostly straight. But really, he doesn't get sexuality much. He's attracted to people, not parts. But he does really like the parts.
-He's about 19. Or six. Or maybe eight. HIS AGE IS WEIRD. But his ID says 19.
-He's a clone of Superman. Superman died, Cadmus labs used Luthor's DNA to stabilize Superman's and created Superboy. He escaped before he was done and dubbed himself the new Superman. When Kal-El came back to life, he wasn't so cool with that, so he went back to being Superboy. He moved to Hawaii and lived there for a while. Eventually Kal gave him the name Kon-El, and later, the secret ID Conner Kent. Then Superboy Prime killed him.
-Kon hung around underground for a while until Starman from the Legion of Superheroes dug him up and put him in a Kryptonian Resurrection chamber. Then he waited another thousand years until Brainy and the Legion could revive him. Then back to the present he went!
-He likes Joss Whedon. Almost more than sex. Almost.


This mostly takes place with prompts from the community on_thecouch. And on AIM. Logs can sometimes be found at logmeupscottie. Check the OTC tag for stuff that takes place exclusively in that verse. Currently, Kon's protecting Metropolis with Mon-El while Superman's on New Krypton. He's going to Metropolis University (under the secret ID Conner Kent) with his best friends (who share an apartment) Cissie King-Jones (cisskabob) and Tim Drake (mrsarcastic003). He also has a roommate named Robert Milton Mayer Thompson IV. They don't get along so well.


Superboy's going to college in Honolulu Community College. He likes eating pie with best friend Bart Allen (nokidflash) and Bart's fiance (another one of Kon's best friends) Cissie King-Jones. (cisskabob.) He used to be in a relationship with Tim Drake (deductionmaster) and Cassie Sandsmark (butimwondergirl), but it ended. Badly. You can find this stuff under the SWS tag.

Spider's Walk

This is a noir AU. You can read his stuff here. It will not really be in his journal, but you might be reading this from there. Conner's living with the X-Men right now. He's got no memories from before he hit fourteen. The only things he knows for sure are that his name is Conner Kent, and that Clark Kent (heysmallville) is somehow important. He's making friends with Tim Drake (peektuttut), and occasionally when he touches things they sort of fall apart.

-There is a message leaving post here!
-Kon's IM address is sprbyttk.
-The PB is Matt Dallas.
-Kon likes being shirtless.