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tenth flight - video;
[Attitude] cool
[Everyone knows Conner Kent, the young piano player from the city. He came up a few years ago to live with his aunt and uncle, Jonathan and Martha Kent. He quickly got a job playing piano at the saloon, and he's one of their star attractions. He's playing a lovely piece right now, lively enough to dance, but not too obtrusive. When he's done, he grins into the communicator.]

I'll be taking requests for a little while if anyone wants to come on down to the saloon. We've got good drinks, too.

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[Later in the afternoon, the saloon doors admit a tall man dressed in black from head to foot. His eyes are hidden behind smoked glasses, and long white hair streams out from beneath his hat. He carries a violin case. This is the cattle rustler known as Mr Zed, alias the White Coyote, famous for extraordinary brazenness and for having a penchant for the fiddle. He tips his hat to the ladies and nods to Conner.]

Fine playing, sir.

[Conner nods back with a small smile.]

Thanks, Mr. Zed. I guess you're quite the expert, right?

An educated dilettante ... but I do enjoy it.

[He indicates his violin case.]

And in the event you desire a string accompaniment, you've only to ask.

[He shrugs.]

You'd have to talk to Francis about that. I only play, I'm not in charge.

How 'bout a request over the line?

Sure thing, Drake. What do you want to hear?

Something good for dancing. Something catchy. [something he can hum at Steph later.]

That is definitely and totally what I said. >_> Either that or Drake is Conner's nickname for him.

I can do catchy!

[He starts playing out a catchy tune!]

LOL a middle name or something, maybe.

[That gets a fast grin, and he nods along.] Don't know what we did before you came down our way, Conner.

Or Conner just thinks Tim looks like a duck. :|

Listened to terrible music, probably.

And don't forget the dancing. [GRIN]

[Conner looks up at her with a smile.] Only if the right girl requests it.

[She leans against the piano.] Maybe I'm requesting. Am I the right girl?

I think you make the cut.

[He stands up and offers her a hand, then he leans in close.]

Hey, there's something I wanted to ask you. In private.

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[She lets him pull her in.] If we get more people dancing, we can slip out the back, and no one will see.

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