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eighth flight--video;
[Attitude] sarcastic

[The shout comes from the closet. All that's visible, besides the incredible array of identical black t-shirts and jeans, plus scattered boxers with little s-shields on them (Hey, Kon's got a theme, he sticks with it), is a red-spandexed butt and legs, plus a few completely useless belts and straps.

After a moment, the kid comes out, scowling. The rest of his costume is spandex too, plus a horrible fade cut and an earring. And sunglasses. Can't forget the sunglasses. God, he's so nineties it hurts.

Anyway, he's scowling and holding a shredded leather jacket in his hands. Still visible is the yellow s-shield on the back.]

Where the heck are all my jackets? I'm supposed to have a ton of extras! All I've got is a gazillion black t-shirts! Who wears black t-shirts all the time? Cause there's no way that's me. T-shirt and jeans? Not a superhero costume.

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Maybe you grew into the look.

Yeah, right. I'm not gonna grow up, remember? Sixteen for-freaking-ever!

Okay, spoiler alert: that changes. You totally grow up.

Really? Oh, thank god.

I totally knew that Peter Pan act was--well, an act. There should probably be some pictures in your room, if you want proof.

No, I mean-- uh, shut up.

[He vanishes for a moment to find pictures, then shouts from off-screen:]

Man, I am built!

[Just laughing. You're kind of adorable, Kon.]

No, superhero costumes are totally earings and leather jackets.

Hey, the earring's cool.

Hey, what's wrong with the fade cut?

[Stare. STAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE. And then she starts to giggle. Oh, Kon, why so nineties?] Kon? Is that you?

[The kid looks behind him.] Kon? Is that short for Conner? Cause Cis-- uh, someone else was asking about him too. And what's so funny?

[Yep. Still giggling.] Well... I'm just... way more used to seeing you in a t-shirt and jeans. And, you know. Older. [And without that haircut.]

[...he likes hot girls a lot better when they're not laughing at him. He decides to ignore the name weirdness and up the charm.]

Okay, I'm not so old, but I'm really mature. [Ahahaha no he's not. Seriously. But that won't stop him from giving his sexiest grin.] Hey. I'm Superboy.

[Kon, you are reminding her POWERFULLY of one of her little brothers. It's adorable, and she wants to ruffle your hair.] It's nice to meet the younger you, Superboy. That's... an interesting look you have going there.

[...damn, brotherly is definitely not the vibe he's going for.] Do you like it? And we know each other in the future?

[SORRY. You just... need to be less adorable.] Honestly? I'm a lot more used to the t-shirt and jeans thing. Future you pulls that look off pretty well. And--yeah. We have some of the same friends--I think we're kind of friends, too.

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