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sixth flight--voice--locked to friends (decide if you're one!);
[Attitude] loving, [Titans] best friends
So, you know the whole thing that happened with the communicators a few days ago? It made me a little homesick. So I'm taking a quick trip home. I just want to check in with my family and the friends who aren't here. I shouldn't be gone more than a week.

See you guys soon!

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[No Kon don't go. :c Tim will put on the happy face, though.]

If you don't bring back some of Mrs. Kent's pie, we aren't going to be friends any more.

Some credit, man. I was already planning on it.

You can have all the credit when you bring it back. [Meaning dude you better come back. :C]

[HE WILL don't worry.]

Will you take care of Krypto while I'm gone?

[See? He'll be back! He needs to come back for his dog!]

[AHA. Cissie will love hearing that.] Sure. At least he won't tear my room apart in beyond conventional means...

[He secretly loves Krypto after their mini showdown with Prime. :c]

He's a good dog. I've got some treats in my room, I'll bring 'em with when I drop him off.


...Is he gonna try to sleep in my bed?

Yep, probably. He's comfy, though. Only barely drools.

[Yeah, she... doesn't believe that coming back part, Kon. :\ Once burned, twice shy. Too-many-times-to-count burned and you lose your optimism. But she'll be nice.]

Have fun.

[Friiiiends] Incidentally, I read the notif in a British accent when it came from Spike.


I'll bring you back pie.

Thanks, Kon. Stay safe, okay?

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