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[Attitude] PUPPY, [Krypto] Not so good at this secret ID
Hey, you've reached Chez Superboy! If I haven't answered the phone, I'm most likely saving the day, sleeping, watching TV, or trying to kill Bart for something that is totally his fault. Or maybe something else. Possibly hooking up. Anyway! Leave a message and I will get back to you. Later!

((Messages can be IC or OOC!))

fourteenth flight - video;
[Attitude] flirty
[The camera comes into focus on a familiar (to some) chiseled jaw. Kon smiles and gives the camera a little wave.]

Hey, guys. Been a while, huh? Well, for me. I've got no clue how long it's been here. Anyway. I'm back! This place seems about the same.

Right. People who weren't here before? I'm Kon. Or Superboy. Either one works. Yeah, I'm related to Superman, if you were gonna ask that, and yeah, I can fly. So can my dog.

[Krypto, on hearing Kon mention the word dog, wanders over, looking curious. He barks at the camera and wags his tail. Kon goes over and scratches Krypto's head before looking back at the camera.]

So how's everyone been?

[Locked to friends from before he left.]

Hey! Who's still around? What'd I miss?

thirteenth flight--voice;
[Attitude] looking up worriedly
[Private to Tim.]

So. Hi.

[Oh god, the awkward, it burns.]

twelfth flight--dictated--theoretically private but GLORIOUSLY public
[Attitude] PUPPY, [Krypto] Not so good at this secret ID
[Kon is just beaming when he turns on the communicator. His message is technically for his boyfriend's ears only, but... he is not always the best at technology.]

Hey, Timmy, I've got a surprise for you up in the CES. I think you'll love it. But not as much as I love you!

All right, see you soon, okay?

eleventh flight -- video;
[Attitude] solemn
[Private to friends]

So. That's a breach. Everyone come out okay?

[Private to Mrs. Conner Kent Molly]

We should probably... talk. Or something.

tenth flight - video;
[Attitude] cool
[Everyone knows Conner Kent, the young piano player from the city. He came up a few years ago to live with his aunt and uncle, Jonathan and Martha Kent. He quickly got a job playing piano at the saloon, and he's one of their star attractions. He's playing a lovely piece right now, lively enough to dance, but not too obtrusive. When he's done, he grins into the communicator.]

I'll be taking requests for a little while if anyone wants to come on down to the saloon. We've got good drinks, too.

[ooc: open for spam or journal replies!]

ninth flight -- video;
[Kal] sometimes he's supportive, [Attitude] whelmed
[It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... a guy who looks quite a lot like Kon, but older, and with different hair. Krypto seems to be perfectly all right with the situation, if his tail's furious wagging is any indication. Kal-El pets Krypto's head before standing up and smiling that biiig super smile at the camera. He is wearing a blue and red spandex costume with an S on the front and a long red cape in the back.]

Hello. I'm Superman. I'm here in Superboy's stead for a few days. I hear he's a warden here? I can't say I've heard of this place before now, but I'm sure Superboy's judgement is... [He pauses for a moment and frowns.] Well, he probably knows what he's doing.

But I suppose you all would have seen him more recently than I would have, right? How's he handling it?

[ooc: Fourth wall away! He can take it.]

eighth flight--video;
[Attitude] sarcastic

[The shout comes from the closet. All that's visible, besides the incredible array of identical black t-shirts and jeans, plus scattered boxers with little s-shields on them (Hey, Kon's got a theme, he sticks with it), is a red-spandexed butt and legs, plus a few completely useless belts and straps.

After a moment, the kid comes out, scowling. The rest of his costume is spandex too, plus a horrible fade cut and an earring. And sunglasses. Can't forget the sunglasses. God, he's so nineties it hurts.

Anyway, he's scowling and holding a shredded leather jacket in his hands. Still visible is the yellow s-shield on the back.]

Where the heck are all my jackets? I'm supposed to have a ton of extras! All I've got is a gazillion black t-shirts! Who wears black t-shirts all the time? Cause there's no way that's me. T-shirt and jeans? Not a superhero costume.

seventh flight--video;
[Civvies] changing, [Attitude] not in a phonebooth
[Kon's back from home, and he looks pretty happy about it. True, there were some stressful things about his vacation, but that's over now. He's back here after spending a bit of time with his family, and he ate really, really well. No insult to the Barge cooks, they're good, but they're not Ma Kent.]

Hey guys, I'm back! And ready to start rehabilitating. [Which would be easier if he had an inmate, but he knows that part will come sooner or later. He can help other people while he's waiting.] Anything blow up while I was gone?

[Locked to friends]

So I brought pie from home. Lots and lots of it, cooked by this great lady I know. It's piping hot, and I'm willing to share.

[Locked to Tim]

How's my dog?

sixth flight--voice--locked to friends (decide if you're one!);
[Attitude] loving, [Titans] best friends
So, you know the whole thing that happened with the communicators a few days ago? It made me a little homesick. So I'm taking a quick trip home. I just want to check in with my family and the friends who aren't here. I shouldn't be gone more than a week.

See you guys soon!


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