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eleventh flight -- video;
[Attitude] solemn
[Private to friends]

So. That's a breach. Everyone come out okay?

[Private to Mrs. Conner Kent Molly]

We should probably... talk. Or something.

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[Barely suppressing laughter.] You know, I'm pretty sure my mother wouldn't approve of a runaway marriage.

So would, well, my aunt. [A smile.] But not cause of the person so much as because she wasn't invited. She's way nicer in reality.

[grin] My mother would be pretty upset at not being invited, too. That, and the fact that it wasn't a mass. And she hasn't met you. I'm pretty sure she'd want to meet anyone I considered marrying so that she could terrify them properly.

...sooo this would be one of those times I should be glad I missed the parent flood thing?

...Probably. She was looking for you.

Eh, I doubt it would be worse than when Wonder Woman caught me kissing Wonder Girl. I mean, your mom can't punch me halfway out to sea.

... can she?

[grin] I wouldn't count on that. My mom's pretty badass. I don't know if she can take down Wonder Woman, but she faced down an army of faeries once.

Fairies? [A pause as Kon imagines an older woman who looks like Molly going up against tiny Disney-esque fairies.] ...uh, is that more impressive than it sounds?

Think less Tinkerbell and more Maleficent.

...okay, that's scary. Did they turn into dragons?

Not exactly. It was more like an army of Maleficent-grade faeries... I was kind of out of it at the time. I don't remember any dragons, though.

Well, in that case, pretty scary. She could probably give Wonder Woman a run for her money.

This is what I'm saying. My mother is an impressive and terrifying woman.

...please don't let her punch me?

I won't--I promise. [grin]

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