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tenth flight - video;
[Attitude] cool
[Everyone knows Conner Kent, the young piano player from the city. He came up a few years ago to live with his aunt and uncle, Jonathan and Martha Kent. He quickly got a job playing piano at the saloon, and he's one of their star attractions. He's playing a lovely piece right now, lively enough to dance, but not too obtrusive. When he's done, he grins into the communicator.]

I'll be taking requests for a little while if anyone wants to come on down to the saloon. We've got good drinks, too.

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[Later in the afternoon, the saloon doors admit a tall man dressed in black from head to foot. His eyes are hidden behind smoked glasses, and long white hair streams out from beneath his hat. He carries a violin case. This is the cattle rustler known as Mr Zed, alias the White Coyote, famous for extraordinary brazenness and for having a penchant for the fiddle. He tips his hat to the ladies and nods to Conner.]

Fine playing, sir.

[Conner nods back with a small smile.]

Thanks, Mr. Zed. I guess you're quite the expert, right?

An educated dilettante ... but I do enjoy it.

[He indicates his violin case.]

And in the event you desire a string accompaniment, you've only to ask.

[He shrugs.]

You'd have to talk to Francis about that. I only play, I'm not in charge.

How 'bout a request over the line?

Sure thing, Drake. What do you want to hear?

Something good for dancing. Something catchy. [something he can hum at Steph later.]

That is definitely and totally what I said. >_> Either that or Drake is Conner's nickname for him.

I can do catchy!

[He starts playing out a catchy tune!]

LOL a middle name or something, maybe.

[That gets a fast grin, and he nods along.] Don't know what we did before you came down our way, Conner.

Or Conner just thinks Tim looks like a duck. :|

Listened to terrible music, probably.

How did we stand it.

And don't forget the dancing. [GRIN]

[Conner looks up at her with a smile.] Only if the right girl requests it.

[She leans against the piano.] Maybe I'm requesting. Am I the right girl?

I think you make the cut.

[He stands up and offers her a hand, then he leans in close.]

Hey, there's something I wanted to ask you. In private.

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[She lets him pull her in.] If we get more people dancing, we can slip out the back, and no one will see.

[Kon nods and looks around. As luck would have it, some people are already starting to stand up.] Be easier if I were at the piano, but I think we'll manage.

[She hums and slooowly starts moving them away from the center of the crowd. I think we have enough happy drunks to keep the singing going for a few minutes of private conversation.

[He nods and joins her in a subtle dance and dash to the exit. Once they've made it to privacy, he gives her an entirely different sort of smile.]


[She smiles back and reaches for his hand.] Hi.

[He takes her hand and moves forward to brush a kiss against her cheek.]

How long do you think we have?

[She listens for a moment. Someone's just begun the first first of a long, rousing number, and a number of people are clapping along.] I think we have a little while.

[SPAM] ...pretend it is Molly in the icon.

Then I have time to do this.

[He leans forward again and gives her a real kiss.]

[SPAM] ...she's blonde? It works! ;)

[She puts her arms around him and leans into the kiss. Private time is the best time.]

[While they're kissing, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the box he brought with him when he went to work. Inside it is a fairly nice diamond ring. It was his mother's before she died. Alexa Kent had come from a wealthy family, but they'd disowned her when she'd run off with Conner's poor writer father. The ring was all she'd kept from her former days. He breaks the kiss and smiles at her.]

Marry me.

[SPAM] Laughing forever at Alexa and Clark.

[Molly's eyes widen with shock, but then she's beaming and answering before she even thinks about it.] Yes--Conner, yes.

[SPAM] Ahahahaha I thought you'd enjoy that.

Really? [Not that he expected anything else, but still.] Oh, Molly. [he goes in for another kiss.] I love you.

Really. I love you too. [She laughs and kisses him again before pulling back with a slight frown.] What about your aunt...?

She'll come around.

[He takes the ring out of the box and slips it on her finger.]

I mean, once we're married, there's not much she can do.

[She beams happily at him.]

I guess there's not. Oh, Conner, I'm so happy.

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