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seventh flight--video;
[Civvies] changing, [Attitude] not in a phonebooth
[Kon's back from home, and he looks pretty happy about it. True, there were some stressful things about his vacation, but that's over now. He's back here after spending a bit of time with his family, and he ate really, really well. No insult to the Barge cooks, they're good, but they're not Ma Kent.]

Hey guys, I'm back! And ready to start rehabilitating. [Which would be easier if he had an inmate, but he knows that part will come sooner or later. He can help other people while he's waiting.] Anything blow up while I was gone?

[Locked to friends]

So I brought pie from home. Lots and lots of it, cooked by this great lady I know. It's piping hot, and I'm willing to share.

[Locked to Tim]

How's my dog?

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Probably glad you're back. Oh, and, uh, Doctor Dolittle's here, so if you want to have a real heart to heart with Krypto, he's your guy.

Where's the pie? [Read: Welcome back.]

...seriously? Man, this place has everything. Can he speak alien dog?

I'm holding it hostage till I've got my dog back.

I didn't ask. I didn't want to find out that Krypto secretly destroyed some of my shoes.

Easiest hostage situation ever. I'll bring him by now.

Krypto's a smart doggy. He'd only destroy the ugly ones.

Cool, I'll be waiting. With pie. And some lemonade.

Well since I don't have ugly shoes, I guess mine are fine.

If only I had super speed.

[Locked] Let's do it!

They'd probably be ugly once Krypto got through with them, anyway.

Not everyone can be as Super as me.

Thank God for that.

[But it isn't long before he's knocking on the door. There may or may not be barking. Shhh, Krypto, you'll ruing the surprise of Tim coming over, jeez.]

[Surprise totally ruined. Kon opens the door and grins as the dog comes catapulting up at him, nearly knocking him over.]

Hey, boy! Did you miss me?

[The many licks suggest yes.]

[Thank God Tim hadn't tried to hold onto the leash, because that would be his arm gone.]

I don't think we need to good doctor to figure that out.

Nah, he's pretty obvious about it. Off. C'mon, I brought back treats.

[Krypto backs off, tail wagging, and Kon looks up at Tim.]

C'mon in. I've got treats for you too.

Oh boy, treats. [He's smiling wryly, though, and walking in so he can close the door behind him.] So how was the trip?

Did someone say pie?

Uh huh. I'm holding Tim's hostage till he brings me my dog. But you can have some.

You're a good friend, Kon. I think Krypto's missed you.

I've missed him, too! And you guys.

Wanna come meet us for pie?

Sure! Your room?

[Friends] Wanna join in the thread with Tim?

Yep. There's lemonade too.

[ There's a long, awkward silence before he actually asks, because he saw the guy during fourth wall and he was cagey and Bruce is pissed at his caginess and he wants to know more.

But then. Admitting that he doesn't know something to Kon is. Problematic. To say the least. He can ask Tim but he doesn't think Tim would know as much as Kon.

... When he gets over his indecision, his voice is totally calm and unconcerned. ]

Did you see Superman?

Well, yeah. He came over for dinner a few times.

[ There's the briefest flash of a smile before it's totally gone. ]

What happened to him and the JLA after my supposed death?

private; UGH you make me do research on titles I've stopped following.

He's not in it right now. Kara is. And Dick.

[ .... He kind of suspects this. ]

Anything significant to report?

Uh... nope. Not really. Tim would probably know better. I think he's ahead of me.

You're a warden? You don't look any older than me.

Maybe, but I'm still plenty qualified. I'm a superhero.

Dude, wearing a Superman T-shirt doesn't make you...

... Wait. You're from that world too, aren't you? Like Batman and the Flash?

Yep. And... lots of other people.

Hi, I'm Superboy. Call me Kon.

Holy shit. You're Superboy.

As in the Superboy? The one who's a sort-of clone with the Teen Titans and kinda Lex Luthor's son Superboy?

...well, yeah, though that's technically all stuff that's sort of secret. Well, the Lex Luthor stuff, at least.

Who are you?

Oh, right! Sorry. It's just, you're a fictional character in my world. I had your first appearance.

[He extends his hand for a handshake.] I'm still pretty new here. My name's David.

Oh, cool. Is it like, worth money? [Kon isn't particularly shaken by existing in a comic book. He's come across the same thing in alternate universes before.]

Nice to meet you.

It was. It kinda... got destroyed. Along with most of my collection. I used to have the whole 'Death of Superman' series.

Same here.

...right. You know, I know I'm fictional in another world, but usually I don't think about how weird it is that some people just know all about some really intense parts of my life without me telling them.

I know I'd be really weirded out if it was me. [He shrugs, a bit apologetically.]

Yeah, well, it's okay. Just... don't spread it around, okay?

Consider my lips sealed.

Cool, great.

So, uh, you an inmate?

Yeah. I don't know why though. It's not like I ever killed anyone.

Well, that's not the only bad thing you can do. I mean, I don't know why either, you seem pretty nice, and I don't have your file or anything. Just saying.

It's a long story, but I got dragged into a war against my will. I had to do things I didn't wanna do to survive.

Man, I wish I'd gotten you as a warden. The guy I've got's a total prick.

Sounds like a sucky situation, man.

Who's your warden?

Yeah, it was.

Jason Bourne.

I don't know him.

But hey, even if I'm not your warden, we can be friends!

That'd be awesome! I don't really have a lot of friends here yet.

[Private] I meant to tag this earlier and then the muse was like lol no tagging for you :C

It's actually been pretty quiet. Shocking, right?

[Private] I know the feeling, man.

Seriously? Wow, I was sure there'd be at least three disasters while I was gone.

[Private] It is a sad feeling.

Port wasn't even horrible.

Yeah? What'd you do?

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