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seventh flight--video;
[Civvies] changing, [Attitude] not in a phonebooth
[Kon's back from home, and he looks pretty happy about it. True, there were some stressful things about his vacation, but that's over now. He's back here after spending a bit of time with his family, and he ate really, really well. No insult to the Barge cooks, they're good, but they're not Ma Kent.]

Hey guys, I'm back! And ready to start rehabilitating. [Which would be easier if he had an inmate, but he knows that part will come sooner or later. He can help other people while he's waiting.] Anything blow up while I was gone?

[Locked to friends]

So I brought pie from home. Lots and lots of it, cooked by this great lady I know. It's piping hot, and I'm willing to share.

[Locked to Tim]

How's my dog?

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Probably glad you're back. Oh, and, uh, Doctor Dolittle's here, so if you want to have a real heart to heart with Krypto, he's your guy.

Where's the pie? [Read: Welcome back.]

...seriously? Man, this place has everything. Can he speak alien dog?

I'm holding it hostage till I've got my dog back.

I didn't ask. I didn't want to find out that Krypto secretly destroyed some of my shoes.

Easiest hostage situation ever. I'll bring him by now.

Did someone say pie?

Uh huh. I'm holding Tim's hostage till he brings me my dog. But you can have some.

You're a good friend, Kon. I think Krypto's missed you.

[ There's a long, awkward silence before he actually asks, because he saw the guy during fourth wall and he was cagey and Bruce is pissed at his caginess and he wants to know more.

But then. Admitting that he doesn't know something to Kon is. Problematic. To say the least. He can ask Tim but he doesn't think Tim would know as much as Kon.

... When he gets over his indecision, his voice is totally calm and unconcerned. ]

Did you see Superman?

Well, yeah. He came over for dinner a few times.

[ There's the briefest flash of a smile before it's totally gone. ]

What happened to him and the JLA after my supposed death?

You're a warden? You don't look any older than me.

Maybe, but I'm still plenty qualified. I'm a superhero.

Dude, wearing a Superman T-shirt doesn't make you...

... Wait. You're from that world too, aren't you? Like Batman and the Flash?

[Private] I meant to tag this earlier and then the muse was like lol no tagging for you :C

It's actually been pretty quiet. Shocking, right?

[Private] I know the feeling, man.

Seriously? Wow, I was sure there'd be at least three disasters while I was gone.

[Private] It is a sad feeling.

Port wasn't even horrible.

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