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[Attitude] PUPPY, [Krypto] Not so good at this secret ID
Hey, you've reached Chez Superboy! If I haven't answered the phone, I'm most likely saving the day, sleeping, watching TV, or trying to kill Bart for something that is totally his fault. Or maybe something else. Possibly hooking up. Anyway! Leave a message and I will get back to you. Later!

((Messages can be IC or OOC!))

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Hey, Kon. It's Tim. I just wanted and see if you were...okay?

...sure, I'm fine. Not like I just had my heart doubly broken or anything.

I didn't mean...

I was worried. I wasn't calling to upset you further, Kon.

No, I know. I'm, uh, I'm glad you called. I think.

Did you talk to Cassie?

Okay. Well, good.

Yes. I said. I just wanted to check in.


Uh, what did you and Cassie... say?

...Kon, I just called because I was worried. if you need anything.

Um. Are you there? are you?

I want to talk to you. I...we're worried about you. All of us.

I'm fine. What do you care anyway?

I told you, Conner, I'll always care about you. Please talk to me.

But you care about Tim more. I don't want you calling out of... out of pity.

...Kon, it's Tim.

...I was just...I wanted to see how you-

I wanted to make sure you were...if you needed to talk. [sighs]


What is this? Kon's exes call him because he's oh so miserable and clearly needs to be checked up on? What's next, Tana and Knockout come talk to me from beyond the grave? Sterling reappear from who even knows where?

...Before anything else, we were friends. You told me you wanted me to still be that, Kon. And, I care.

I won't call if you don't want me to. I was just concerned.

Yeah. Friends. Best friends, right?

How've you been liking dating the girl I love?

Yes. Best friends.

...This isn't easy for anyone, Kon. I'm sorry. This...I'm sorry.

Sure seems like it was easy for you. Take me out of the equation, you and Cassie can just have a normal relationship. Must be fucking fantastic.

I didn't take you-

It's wasn't like that.

I know. I'm not being fair.

Look. It's just. You're just. You said you'd back out. Did you ever even want me? Do you even miss me?

Sure felt like that.

Hi, Kon, it's Cassie. Um. I'll see you later at Cissie's birthday thing but...I just wanted to say I didn't forget, I mean, I know...if you want to talk about...anything I...Well, just, we, tell me. When you're, when you want to. Talk. To me. Okay. Bye.

Hey Cassie. I, uh, talking would be good. So, like, I don't have anything to do right now. Uh, whenever's good for you. I know you're probably still busy healing and stuff and I don't wanna, like, make things worse. Uh, yeah. We can talk.

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